Join the Oregon Woodland Co-op

            Co-op members working together

            Co-op members working together

The Oregon Woodland Cooperative welcomes new members. Any family or individual who owns woodland in Oregon is eligible for membership if they share our values. Individuals who do not own woodland, but are interested in working with OWC, can join as Working Partners or Affiliate Members.

OWC Members

Here are some of the ways that membership in OWC can benefit you:

Product Marketing

The Co-op markets both timber and non-timber forest products that members grow or create under our OWC, Canopy or Heartwood brands to both wholesale and retail markets.

Forestry Consultants

The OWC has vetted several registered professional foresters and forestry consultants who can help OWC members manage their forest land for both economic and environmental sustainability.

Access to Skills & Equipment

Knowledgeable members can share their forest management skills to help new members. Some members can provide equipment-based services for other members such as firewood bundling.

Supplier Discounts

All Co-op members have access to a group membership in Wilco, which provides discounted pricing for chemicals and fertilizers and other equipment and supplies.

OWC Working Partners

Working Partners can be actively involved in OWC in a variety of ways:

  • Participate in the production of one of our existing products, e.g. firewood, essential oils or conifer boughs
  • Design and create their own handmade products that fit our theme of "Natural and Handmade Goods from the Oregon Woods"
  • Provide management or equipment-based services to Co-op members


Please print and complete one of these application forms plus the Member Survey. Return them by mail, along with a property map if required.